GT Machine Components

We’re your partner for everything that concerns cutting by waterjet. We offer high performance components for ultra high pressure pumps and cutting heads suitable for most of the OEM in the waterjet industry.

The majority of our parts is made in the USA where the waterjet technology had its seeds in the 1970s. Thereby we’re able to offer you products that have been manufactured with decades of experience and development.

Just as our waterjet replacement and wear parts also the cutting systems that we distribute all over Europe are designed by American engineers and were made for high productivity.
The CEJet Waterjet Cutting Machines are available in different sizes with gantry or cantilever beam. Of course we’ll be pleased to work with you also on a customized solution according to your needs.

All original manufacturer names, drawings, colours and part numbers are used for identification purposes only and are trademarks for which the respective manufacturers own the copyrights. GT Machine Components claims in no way whatsoever that the products contained in this catalogue are genuine spare parts except explicitly stated.